Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Celebrity Diets - Good Or Bad?

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Everyone wonders how all those Hollywood celebrities diet
and maintain their weight. Sometimes they do look good for
the camera. However there are many times they look sickly
and ill. No matter how they brand their name. Starvation is
starvation, no matter what face you put on it.

There are always stories of celebrity weight loss in the
newspapers and in magazines. Celebrities also come up with
fictional diets to explain how they shifted the weight,
whereas in reality they just starved themselves, not only of
food but of the essential foods and fluids necessary for the
body to properly function.

Sure, losing a great amount of weight in short periods of
time may be somewhat the norm for some who are overly obese,
since they are carrying large amounts of stored fat along
with them. However, for those who are just a few pounds
overweight, losing 40 pounds in a month is terribly
unhealthy. It can lead to more serious problems for some
individuals. The first thing to know about successful
dieting is that it does take time. All those extra pounds
will not disappear overnight or even within just a few days.
Our bodies fluctuate daily.

Without a maintenance diet program, to keep your weight
stabilized after a large weight loss, you will put the
weight back on. Dieting involves self-discipline and
willpower in addition to knowing what foods to eat and when.
Many of the celebrity diets are actually starvation type
diets that are not healthy or worth risking other side

Hollywood diet juice is an example of a celebrity diet
program and this diet means you only drink juice. You do
not eat or drink anything else. This is a type of starvation
and is an incredibly boring diet. Once you stop drinking the
juice and star eating again all the weight you lost will come
back. It makes no sense to drink a juice and then stop drinking
it and return to being overweight.

Just like many of the popular diets in Hollywood, when your
body considers that you are actually starving yourself to
death, it will rebel. It rebels by putting a stop to the
process of losing that extra weight, just to keep you alive!
A long term alternative is called for when dieting properly.
The Hollywood hottest diets are no long term answer to
weight loss and maintaining your target weight.

The biggest secret of the best celebrity diets is that these
celebrities do not really have a secret when it comes to
dieting. They are just normal people just like the rest of
us. Only we do not have all the extra individuals working
for us to make us look so appealing. Celebrities hire others
to help them lose weight or get some kind of kick back for
advertising a particular product, which includes any number
of quick weight loss programs.

The best celebrity diets are the same ones a normal person
uses, that takes self-discipline and willpower, and sticking
with a balanced meal plan, and proper portions.

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