Thursday, April 2, 2009

8 Most Popular Home Fitness Equipment

Woman Exercising with Ball

Nowadays we are given a lot more options when it comes to
the fitness equipment that we use at home. In the past,
unless we had a lot of space and money, we might just have
been able to use a fitness video, basic exercise bike or a
rowing machine. Now, there is a world of choice when it
comes to choosing machines and equipment that can help us
get fit.

The kind of equipment that you choose to help you get fit at
home may involve one simple machine or a range of equipment.
What you choose here usually depends on what you want/need
to do to get fit, how much space you have at home to store
equipment and how much you can afford to spend on equipment
in the first place.

Some of the more popular choices here at the moment include:

1. Home gyms/Multigyms - this kind of fitness equipment
brings together a variety of exercise options and machines
into one useful fitness station. This kind of machine may
best suit people who spend a lot of time and effort on their
fitness levels and those who like to use cross training to
get the desired results.

2. Exercise bikes - an exercise bike is a stationary bike
that gives you all the advantages of cycling without the
need to go anywhere! A recent popular variation on this
theme is the spin bike.

3. Treadmills - treadmills are machines that have a
mechanized or manual belt operation. The belt moves as you
walk or run on it. Home options here include manual
treadmills where you make the belt move as you move and
mechanized treadmills where the belt runs automatically.

4. Rowing machines - a rowing machine is a piece of
equipment which allows you to simulate a rowing action. As a
sport rowing has a lot of general fitness and endurance
benefits and a rower is the preferred option of choice for
many home fitness users.

5. Cross trainers/Ellipticals - these machines give a good
all round workout. They work on the basis that your feet
push pedals and your arms push handles at the same time and
you use resistance forces to maintain/improve fitness.

6. Weights and benches - if you prefer weight training as
your fitness option of choice then weights and a bench may
be your best option. You can use free weights here or bar
weights depending on your preference, or both.

7. Steps - in recent years the step has become a popular
form of home exercise following on from its phenomenal
success in the gym. Here you use the step to maintain 'step'

8. Small fitness equipment - many people also opt to use
smaller pieces of fitness equipment available today. These
include items such as resistance bands and exercise balls.

Do remember to think hard about what you want from fitness
equipment at home before you go out and buy a load of
machines that you will not use. It is better in some ways to
start off with one or two pieces of equipment here and then
to ramp up your purchases as you get into a regular fitness
regime and as your development progresses.
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