Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Woman eating fresh fruit

1. Spread low-fat chunky cottage cheese onto granary bread,
and top up with cherry tomato, thinly sliced cucumber,
grated carrot and sprouts for a filling snack.

2. Take the top off a leathery looking granadilla (that's
how you will know its ripe) and spoon out the seeds with a
slurp.If you don't mind waiting a little longer for your
fix, sprinkle the seeds over plain low-fat yogurt instead.

3. Introduce a few leaves of fresh mint to a bowl of
watermelon cubes, for an irresistible appetizer or summary

4. Make a well stocked fruit bowl the welcoming centerpiece
of your home. Top it up with the colorful bounty of the
season, and encourage family and friends to treat it as a
help-yourself snack bar, rather than an ornamental

5. Half-moon slices of Granny Smith apple, served on a bed
of celery stalks and leaves, with a topping of chopped
walnuts. Yes, its a Waldorf salad, but something's missing:
the mayonnaise. That's because all you need is a dash of
lemon juice or olive oil to enjoy this crispier, crunchier,
healthier version of the famous dish.

6. Spicy rice tastes even nicer when you mix it up with
choppings of cold pineapple and cuts of mango.

7. Haul out the cookie cutters, call in the tikes,and spend
some quality time crafting pretty vegetable carvings.

8. Toast a pita bread, fill it up with veggies - grated
cabbage, red onion rings, peppers, cherry tomatoes,
cucumbers - and voila, you've got a quick and healthy salad
in your pocket.
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