Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why You Need A Body Detox

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By Isabelle S. Mihajlov

Getting a body detox is gaining popularity in many health
circles. Because of the toxic build up in our bodies,
getting clean on the inside is a must. A typical American
has years of poor eating habits, exposed to poor air
quality, and has low fiber diets. Also, stress can attribute
to the increase of toxins being formed in our bodies. If our
bodies do not properly and regularly eliminate this build up
in our colon or other organs, we are prone to sickness and

Generally, our body does a good job in trying to eliminate
the toxins we are exposed to daily. But it is a challenge to
handle this onslaught of toxins. The toxins will adversely
affect the functioning of vital organs like the liver, kidneys,
and the colon. Poor health is usually a result of a toxic
colon which leads to a toxic liver, thus polluting the tissues
and the bloodstream. For optimal health, our bodies must be
free of dangerous toxins.

How Do I Know I Need A Body Cleansing?

You need to take action if you have one or more of the
following problems. Diarrhea, impaired digestion,
constipation, fatigue and low energy, gas and bloating,
hemorrhoids, excess weight, food allergies, bad breath, foul
smelling stools. These are only some of the symptoms.

Just like you car needs the oil changed regularly or your
outside of your body regularly needs a washing, so does your
internal body. Waiting too long or till you start
experiencing some symptoms listed above, is not a wise idea.
You will increase your risk of developing much more serious
problems like cancer the longer you procrastinate.

Our bodies today simply cannot keep up with the extreme
exposure of ingested or inhaled toxins. The toxins that are
not eliminated simply accumulate in fat cells, tissues,
blood, organs, and remain stored indefinitely resulting in
all kinds of health issues. You can change to a high fiber
diet and eat less acidic foods, but a simple solution is to
regularly get a body detox or body cleansing.

Isabelle S. Mihajlov is blessed to be a stay at home mom
with five healthy children. She loves sharing "remedies"
with others how to
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