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5 Basic Steps Daily To Look 5 Years Younger

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By Charlotte Field

Our skin's primary purpose is to protect us. When we don't
take care of our skin, it can't do its job properly - and it
looks faded and dull. To look years younger, you must take
care of your skin each and every day. However, this does not
mean spending hours each morning in front of the mirror, or
purchasing a closet full of expensive gadgets and products
all promising to make you look 18 again.

By doing 5 basic steps each and every day, your skin will
begin to recover its luster and even its youthful glow.
Let's see what these 5 steps are.

1. Cleanse properly.

Your face needs to be cleansed both in the morning and again
in the evening. Your cleanser should be matched to your
skin type; a gel is often preferred for oily skin; a cream
is better for dry skin types. Your cleanser does not have
to foam to be effective, although if a sudsy face makes you
happy, go ahead and get a cleanser that foams. When you
apply your cleanser, be sure to follow the directions, using
a light touch, and washing gently for at least 30 seconds.
Then rinse well with clean water and pat dry. If you wear
make-up or heavy sunscreen, be sure to wash and rinse twice;
once to remove the make-up and the second time to get down
to business and cleanse your skin.

2. You need a good toner.

In order to fight those damaging "free radicals" we've been
hearing so much about, you'll need a good toner. Your toner
should create an antioxidant shield, balancing the skin's
protective barrier. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic
acid, which holds 1,000 times its weight in water, giving
your skin a real hydration boost. Other ingredients to look
for are vitamin C and white tea, both restorative and
calming. Be sure your toner is ph-balanced, especially if
your cleanser is not.

3. Exfoliate regularly.

A gentle, non-abrasive exfoliation is necessary to clear
dead skin cells from your skin's surface. Exfoliating helps
the skin renewal process and reveals a brighter, clearer
complexion. Exfoliating also allows moisturizers to
penetrate deeper into your skin. Exfoliation is good, but
more is not always better. Be careful not to over-exfoliate
or scrub your skin harshly. If you have oily skin,
over-exfoliating will cause the oil glands to over-produce
oil to compensate for the oil that you have stripped away.
Obviously this can cause more clogging and more shine on an
already oily face. So, exfoliate often, but gently, and your
skin will love you for it.

4. Keep that moisturizer coming.

Hydrate and feed your skin with a good moisturizer. Choose
a quality moisturizer that offers protection from the
elements for your skin , plus offers your skin a good dose
of nutrition along with moisture. Look for vitamins A, C,
and E, yeast, and other ingredients that would "feed" your
face just like you feed your body. Even if your skin is
oily, you still need a good moisturizer to give your face a
healthy dose of nutrition.

5. Sunscreen is for every day.

The daily use of a good sunscreen is your number one defense
against aging skin. About 99% of all the signs of aging can
be directly linked to sun damage. With a little bit of
prevention, you skin can look younger longer. Even simple
day-to-day living exposes you face to the sun, even walking
to your car and, yes, driving in your car. The windshield
is not a sunblock! Check your morning moisturizer to be
sure it contains a sunscreen of 15 SPF. If it does not, be
sure to add a good sunscreen on top of your moisturizer
before you leave the house. If your plans have you outside
for a longer time than normal, be sure to apply one of the
FDA-approved sunscreens. Look for titanium dioxide or zinc
on the label.

What else can you do to look and feel years younger?

Now, just add a bit of regular exercise, healthy food, and
plenty of water to your diet, and you're well on your way to
a glowing complexion. Follow this daily skincare routine
and treat your skin to monthly professional analysis and
treatments with your Skin Care Specialist and that person
smiling back at you in the mirror will look younger and

Charlotte Field is a Skin Care Specialist offering
( Facials in Pensacola,
Florida. She specializes in Anti-aging, Relaxation and
Results. Call her today to schedule an appointment at

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