Saturday, March 21, 2009

Avoid These 7 Time Wasters In The Gym


In case you hadn't noticed, it's nearly impossible to set
aside the time you need at the gym each day. It seems there
are always more "important" things to be doing. When you do
get into the gym, avoid these 7 time wasters.

1.Too much time in the gym - Cardio exercise should be a
portion of your time in the gym, not the bulk of it. It's
meant to compliment your resistance training and a proper
nutrition plan.

2. Stop stopping for too long! - You know if you're one of
these people. You see a friend walk in the gym who you
haven't seen in a while and suddenly your heart rate is too
high and you need to rest "for a little bit." Don't stop
every time you have a chance. It's not going to help you
reach your goals.

3. Plan, Plan, Plan. - If you walk into the gym with no idea
of what you're going to do, I can promise you there will be
a lot of time wasted. Figure out what you're going to do
before you even step foot into the gym.

4. Not having a backup plan - There is nothing more
frustrating then going to the gym with your plan in hand and
someone is already using the machine! Having a backup plan
ensures you spend more of your time in the gym exercising
and less time feeling frustrated. If someone is using the
chest machine, no big deal: Do push-ups instead.

5. Get intense! - Push yourself further than you thought you
could go. Physical gains don't happen when you're barely
pushing yourself. You need to be going to failure on almost
every exercise. Even if you're just building strength and
have no interest in bulk, you should still work to failure,
just at a higher level. Remember, bulk comes between 8 and
10 reps and strength comes when you're doing between 12 and

6. No "cheat reps" - If you're like me, you've had a few
cheat reps when you're starting to run out of steam. It
happens and you don't want to beat yourself up over it.
But, you do need to realize it's not helping you. You're
almost better off just not doing those reps. Fewer reps
with perfect form is always better than more reps dong

7. Not seeking the advice of a professional - If all the top
athletes have coaches and professional trainers, don't you
think you could use their advice? Having a trainer will help
you to get further along in your training then trying to do
it by yourself. He or she will help you to use proper form,
technique, rep ranges, tempo, rest intervals and exercise
combinations to maximize your results and minimize your

If you could only relate to 2 or 3 of these items, don't
just brush them aside thinking you're well beyond this
information. Take those 2 or 3 things and concentrate on
fixing them. It will give you more time away from the gym
and increase the quality of your workouts.
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