Sunday, March 29, 2009

The One Tip That Will Lead To Long Term Weight Loss

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Here's a very simple weight loss tip that you can use to
start losing weight more effectively and more long term. The
tip is pretty simple, but the implementation of it may be a
bigger deal depending on how dedicated you are to it. So
here's the tip: Make small changes every week rather than
big changes all at once!

A Revolutionary New Weight Loss Tip?

You may have heard this idea before, but have you ever acted
on it? I think that it should make at least some of you
think about it for a minute. And I hope that this approach
can help you to reach more lasting and permanent weight

How many of you have gotten to the point where you finally
say to yourself, "That's it!!! I'm never going to eat that
junk food ever again! I'm going to make changes RIGHT THIS
SECOND and never go back to the way that I used to eat! I'm
sick of looking like this!" Does this sound like you at one

If this does sound like you, did you find yourself back to
your old habits within a week or two? How many times have
you gone through this cycle? Disappointing isn't it, but
this is a common story out there if you get talking to

I want you to look at weight loss motivation (and weight
loss in general) in a completely new light. Don't make huge
and overly drastic changes that are doomed to failure.
Instead you should make small changes that cumulatively lead
to a big change. This may sound to you like a revolutionary
weight loss tip, but I hope that it just makes sense!

Weight Loss Motivation is the Key!

Motivation is key if you're really going to lose weight. But
when you try to make too many changes too quickly your mind
subconsciously says to you, "Yeah right friend! Why will
this time be any different that all the other times you've
tried and failed?" Willpower alone is never enough to
overcome this inner negative voice. The correct mental
attitude is key.

You'll find that you have much better luck when you sneak up
on that negative little voice and play a little trick on it.
Willpower alone is never enough to overcome this inner
voice. You have to trick it by making small changes.

That's the main point behind this weight loss tip, and in my
mind the key to real weight loss motivation that will keep you
moving forward long term.

Here are some examples of small changes you can make:

Instead of deciding that you're going to immediately start
going to the gym every single day, try going twice a week.
Do that for a week or two, then up it to 3 times a week.
Maybe it means not eating your normal snack on one day. Then
up it to 2, then 3, etc. You see, as you make changes like
that you will be more motivated to lose weight because you
are creating small successes each week.

If you keep this up, you're bound to make the big changes -
but over time rather than drastically all at once. Your
motivation to lose weight will be a lot higher than it ever
was before. Give it a try!
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