Monday, March 2, 2009

Want To Enjoy Life? Get Healthy And Fit

Jump rope and glass of water

It's difficult enough surviving in this day and age without
your health declining for one reason or another. Keeping
yourself fit and healthy will keep your immunity strong, so
your body has better natural defenses against infections and

If you look after yourself and stay in good shape your life
will be a more positive and productive one that you will
enjoy more. Everything you achieve will be a reflection of
the way you feel. Look after your body and your body will
look after you.

Avoiding poor quality food, and eating a diet that is rich
in essential nutrients is an important part of good health.
Your immune system relies on nutrients to keep you healthy,
and keep infections away that you otherwise would get. A
healthy diet will also help keep your body strong and
mentally alert so you can do everything you need to do to
enjoy a fulfilling life.

Get a healthy balance of complex carbohydrates, healthy fats
and protein. Processed foods should be avoided as these are
full of sugar and simple carbs. While you may get an initial
energy rush from these poor quality foods they will
eventually make you feel depressed and tired.

Simple carbohydrates also make you fat, and that will
deplete your energy and make you more depressed. If you want
to add some simple carbs to your diet then get them from

Exercising regularly also helps you stay fit and strong.
Without consuming a healthy diet you won't find the energy
to exercise as much as you need or want to. Exercise also
releases endorphins which are feel-good neurotransmitters
produced by the brain.

Your body will be toned if you exercise regularly, and
having a toned body automatically makes you feel good. You
won't ever feel good with an overweight body that feels
tired all the time. A toned body is full of energy so you
have the mental focus and strength to do more than you
need too.

Getting enough sleep gives your body chance to regenerate.
It's the quality of the sleep you get as well as the amount
of sleep you get, and if you exercise regularly you'll get a
better quality 8 hours sleep every night. This means you'll
wake up refreshed in the morning looking forward to the day
ahead because you're safe in the knowledge that you can cope
with everything you need to do.

If you live a healthy life you'll help yourself stay away
from infections and diseases. This means you'll stay away
from the immune system suppressing drugs that are prescribed
to fight these diseases and infections.

A healthier body is a happier body, and if you're happier it
will automatically make you feel healthier. This will have a
positive effect on the life of everyone around you as well
as yourself.
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