Thursday, March 19, 2009

How You Can Detox With A Raw Food Diet

Basket Of Vegetables

By George B. Siba

We are continually inhaling residues from petrochemicals,
plastics and pesticides. At no time in the earth's history
has the average person had to live in a more polluted
environment. Along with the environmental toxins there are
toxins the body builds up internally.

The good news is, our body is always cleaning itself,
detoxifying is an constant part of our lives. Detoxification
is what our body does to purge the environmental and
chemical toxins from your body. The skin, lungs, liver,
kidneys and lymphatic system work together to remove these
poisons, as they build up. If this is not done on ongoing
bases toxins can disrupt every system in our body.

If your body does not get toxins out through its own
detoxification system you will get clogged with these
poisons, and it will affect every cell of our body. You will
start to notice a difference in your physical, mental and
emotional health.

Toxins can create such problems as lethargy, foggy thinking,
mood swings, and digestive problems. Raw foods assist the
digestive system in the process of taking away the dangerous
toxins from the cells of the body.

In an attempt to detoxify, our bowels, kidneys and liver can
get overloaded. Our channels of elimination can become
blocked. The western diet is often acid forming, and it just
contributes toward being toxic. To relieve the strains on
the kidneys and liver it is more important than ever to do
what you can to help with the detoxification process.

Most of the healing traditions except Western Medicine offer
body purification as a way to clean out the system so that
the body can heal without hindrances.

Raw food helps to detoxify the body by flushing out these
poisons. In addition to helping your bodies detoxify, raw
foods provide the body with nutrients it needs to feel your

The raw food diet revolves around the consumption of all
natural, organic, unprocessed and uncooked fruits and
vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, legumes, seaweeds,
dried fruit, freshly made juices, raw carob powder, cold
pressed olive oil and certain spices, seasonings and mineral
water. Nothing is heated above 116 degrees F because this
destroys the enzymes in the food that helps with digestion.

What to expect on a raw food diet.

The principle of the plan is to get rid of toxins and waste
from the body. You will look great and you may start to feel
great almost immediately. For many people during the first
weeks, when the process of detoxification starts, you are
likely to experience some negative detox reactions, such as
nausea, headache, fatigue, coated tongue, foul breath,
madness, etc. This is because your body is flushing out
toxins. You need to drink lots of water, get plenty of rest,
and don't eat cooked food or your detox will stop.

Sticking to a raw food diet is not difficult once you get
into it. You will feel so good that you will not want to go
back to the old way of eating.
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