Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Your Healthy Whole Body & a Well-Tuned Car Have In Common

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By Deborah Lindholm

It's a common occurrence for us to use our body in order to
identify ourselves. We use labels such as tall, short, thin,
muscular, curvy, healthy, and unhealthy and so on. There are
very few people who are able to take that step outside of a
particular definition and consider our body as what it is in
reality - a blessed vehicle carrying us through times of
joy, troubles, victory and challenges.

Instead of defining it and thus letting the definition rule
the way you treat your body, because there really is more to
a body than size or shape, why not seize the opportunity to
take ultimate care of it? Treat it as the beautiful vehicle
it actually is.

There is a common metaphor often used when discussing the
human body and it just happens to be a car. Both being
vehicles we depend on to get us where we need to go,
properly taken care of they can both be counted on and
reliable in their own way.

How Do You Treat Your Car And How Do You Treat Your Body?

More often than not, many of us tend to treat our cars
better than our own bodies. Our cars get the best gas in the
tank, even if it's more expensive than regular gas.
Following this act of generosity towards our car, we proceed
to fueling our bodies with food void of any nutritional
value. We begin a ritual of washing our cars every week,
with the metaphor being a car spa but yet we rarely spend
time or money on any ritual of basic self care.

We ignore the knocks and pings the very loud signals our
body gives us when it needs something and yet the slightest
shimmy or gurgle from under the hood of our car sends us to
the auto mechanic for a diagnostic.

You might be thinking "but it's dangerous to ignore these
sounds from your car." This is true, squeaking brakes or a
grinding noise from the rear axle could cause an accident.
However, the sounds and signals your body gives you are just
as dangerous. We've all heard the horror stories about a
friend or family member who ignored the signs and then it
was too late.

Instead of continuing to follow this path, appreciate
whatever shape, form and situation your body is in. It has
taken you where you have needed to go, and so far hasn't let
you down. Embrace your healthy whole body as of right now,
because while you are much more than your body itself, you
just can't exist and experience life without it.

Think About Consider These Questions:

Your car will be unable to run or take you where you want to
go without putting in the right grade of fuel. Are you
running on empty? Using the best fuel? If you're not, begin
today to make small changes. Drink more water, replace empty
calories with nutrients. Feed your body well and it'll take
you far.

There's a blinking 'check engine' light on your dashboard,
trying to be noticed. We are talking about self care here.
Have you scheduled in some time for yourself, for checkups
and some personal down time? Taking a walk or hike with
family and friends, or a weekly date night with your
sweetheart - there are many options available for taking a
step away to enjoy the life you have been given, find the
balance to make it all happen, and first and foremost, start
paying attention to the signals your body is sending you.

It makes sense to take care of yourself in all the ways that
you know how and are able to. You can wait until your car
breaks down to get it repaired or you can choose regular
maintenance, following up right away when you notice a
rattle, a chug in the engine, wiper blades that don't clear
the windshield, any malfunction.

Last but not least, when you find the tread wearing thin on
your tires, you replace them right? Each of us needs to take
time out to evaluate the steady running of our lives, where
we are and where we want to be. It's normal for our needs to
change over time and ignoring these changing needs results
in us ignoring who we really are - and this is not good for
our health or our happiness.

So, next time you're at the gas station or washing your car
step back and remember that you wouldn't be able to do any
of those tasks if it weren't for the divine vehicle you're
residing in - your body. Take great care of it; it's the
only one you get.
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