Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Best Workout To Burn Belly Fast

Man working out on beach.

How would you like to get fit very quickly, look great, and
burn belly fast? How about getting this done without
needing to visit a gym. If this makes sense to you, try
this 10 minute workout. You will gain energy and burn belly

Try this workout to burn off an extra 200 calories a day.
You will be exercising your abdominal muscles, plus your
arms and legs. The best thing is, you will be reprogramming
your thinking so you can burn belly fast. This will make
weight loss very simple.

So to start, jump rope for one minute, doing two jumps with
each turn of the rope. Just remember to use a rope of the
correct length, and to land on the balls of your feet. As
you do your jumps, see yourself in your mind looking and
feeling great

Now for minutes 2-3. Do a squat into a push-up. The
technique to burn belly fast, is to stand with your feet
about shoulder width apart. Squat down slowly, and place
the palms of your hands on the floor just outside your feet.

Now put yourself in push-up position by thrusting your legs
out behind you. Do one push-up. Then retract your legs and
return to a standing position. Feel your own strength and power
as you burn belly fast. See yourself looking and feeling better
than you ever have.

Next, return to rope jumping for minutes 4-5. Only a single
jump per rope turn will be fine for this portion of your
workout. Focus your thinking on how great you look, and how
much more energy you have.

For minutes 6-7, return to squats to push-ups. But this
time, after completing the push-up, raise your left arm over
your head and hold it for 5 seconds. Then pull in your legs
and return to a standing position. Do the same for the next
repetition, using your right arm. Repeat the process
raising your legs for 5 seconds each.

For those wishing for even more intensity, raise an arm
and a leg at the same time. Remember to focus your thinking
on your flat stomach, your powerful body, and how good you
look in the mirror.

Minute 8, return to jumping rope, 2 jumps per turn. Try to
pick up the pace for this minute. You WILL feel tired, but
its only a minute and you are almost finished. Say to
yourself, I burn belly fast, and feel it. You are strong.
You look great.

Minutes 9-10, return to squats to push-ups, raising 1 or two
limbs like last time. But this time, after you return to a
standing position, jog in place for 10 paces, raising your
knees to chest level (or as high as you can). Repeat the
process for the two minutes while visualizing your stunning

Alright, that is it for the day. Cool down for 5-15
minutes. A short walk is a good idea, followed by some
stretching. Drink a lot of water all day long too.

This is a simple way to burn belly fast. Its intense but it works.
If you would like to trim down even quicker, you might want to add
a unique eating program (no, not a diet) that will let you burn
your fat away as quick as lightning.
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