Friday, March 20, 2009

Product Review - Quit Smoking Today

A man smoking three cigarettes with a forbidden sign in the background

The desire to stop smoking is more prevalent in recent
times, as the world is more more educated about the possible
repercussions of this unhealthy habit. On the other hand,
the process of smoking cessation can be so taxing and
difficult that it takes its toll on even the most
strong-minded of smokers. A number of smokers tend to
relapse after just a few tries, whereas other individuals
don't even take the trouble to try to quit smoking at all.

There are various products available that can help you fight
your smoking addiction, but some hardly work whilst others
have a lengthy list of side effects. As a result, most
individuals hardly seek help and eventually ditch any
efforts to quit smoking.

The ideal answer is Quit Smoking Today, a method devised by
Rob Mellor, a Neuro-Linguistic-Programming expert, which
pertains to a specific psychotherapy discipline that focuses
on nicotine addiction. In this article, we will give you
important information about the Quit Smoking Today approach
to help you make an informed decision in terms of your fight
against your smoking addiction.

This Quit Smoking Today program comes with an mp3 audio file
(38 minutes and 13 seconds in length). This technique offers
to allow you to quit smoking without enduring any nicotine
withdrawal symptoms. The author further maintains that more
than 90 percent of 5000 test subjects totally quit smoking
after trying the Quit Smoking Today method. In addition, he
states that the vast majority of test subjects were able to
discontinue smoking in as short as one month after listening
to his mp3 recording just once, and the majority didn't
relapse after more than six months.

The central idea of the mp3 is quite comparable to the
principles used in the practice of hypnosis. It helps the
individual to access the subconscious and alter his/her
perception of nicotine cravings and cigarettes.

The majority of reviews of Mellor's program have been widely
encouraging, with a good number of users swearing to its
success and reporting zero untoward experiences. The
isolated unfavorable response so far is that of certain
people objecting that this technique still lacks official
clinical research and testing. Nonetheless, more than any
formal testing, we respect the feedback of this program's
actual users, and currently, the feedback has been
exceptionally favorable.

This program is not a miracle product that provides a
shortcut solution to what would otherwise be a complicated
process. Nevertheless, we advise you to use this program and
see if it does what it claims to do. Seeing that the program
has generated favorable results for most smokers, there is
absolutely no reason why you will not gain some benefits
from it as well. An improvement to your health is definitely
worth a little effort.

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