Wednesday, December 24, 2008

8 Reasons Why Building Strength Should Be Your Primary Goal

Read this article right away to find a number of good
reasons why I think building strength should be your most
important goal (although you just want to build mega-muscles
and nuke lots of fat)...

1. Strength Training Is More Efficient:

Ever needed to lift something heavy? Move fixtures? Lift your
girlfriend up and pin her against the wall for a sizzling
make out session? All those things require strength, not
necessarily muscle size.

Actually, at times having extra muscle is not beneficial -
it weighs more, as a result if you have to run or walk long
distances it takes additional calories to sustain, in short you
have to eat more...

2. Building Strength Takes Less Time:

Majority of expert weightlifters spend up to 6 days in the
gym and some even do twice a day workouts. If you're like me
(or most people) lifting weights isn't your permanent job, and
therefore not likely to spend that much time in the gym.

You can turn in super strong training 3-4 days a week, and
spend not greater than 20-30 minutes in the gym each time -
That means you could be consuming 2 hours in the gym vs. 12.
It doesn't take long to improve strength.

3. Building Strength Is Encouraging:

Nearly no one has any goals when they go to the
gym, they think "I want to look better" but that's unclear
and open-ended. Knowing you want to add 5lbs to your
deadlift whenever you come in the gym though is VERY

Plus, watching the weights build and seeing how far you've
progressed over the course of time is very motivating and
makes you want to keep going back to the gym.

4. Strength Makes It Simpler To Increase Volume:

Most weightlifters these days don't recognize that guys like
Arnold and bodybuilders from his day all did powerlifting
routines early on in their careers to build high starting
levels of strength and power.

They had a matchless "dense" look to their physiques from
all this heavy weight training. And were able to employ
heavier weights when it came to doing out-of-date
bodybuilding style set/rep schemes - so it was much easier
for these strong lifters to build muscle.

5. Better For Well-being:

There's been much contemporary research that shows strength
training helps to avoid age related diseases and
deteriorating diseases.

Losing muscle mass is an expected upshot of
aging, but strength training in particular will tell your
body to "hold on" to muscle mass as it needs it to continue
lifting weighty stuff. Also, your bones will become stronger
as well to support your framework of muscle mass.

6. Improves Self-Confidence:

There's nothing better than KNOWING you can lift a heavy
weight off the floor or press a heavy weight up on top of
your head. Or knowing that you have the strength to pull
yourself up and over a wall, up and over the edge of a cliff
and things like that. Knowing you are as strong as you look
is a big confidence booster.

7. Strength Training Is Better For Sports:

Strength is the source for all other physical qualities.
Boosting your strength enhances your power, explosiveness,
speed, agility, endurance, and the like.

Numerous sports - particularly martial arts -
require athletes to have high relative strength. They need
to be extraordinarily strong for their size since they have
to stay within a particular weight class.

There's nothing worse than putting on 20 MORE pounds of
muscle you have to carry down the field, or move around the
ring to avoid getting knocked out - and that 20 pounds of
muscle is doing you no good.

8. Strength Training Is Excellent For Females:

Nearly all women don't want to be like the hulk. They don't
want to gain 20 pounds of muscle. They just want to get
"toned". As I mentioned earlier, strength training is the
greatest way to get the toned look.

So if you're a girl you can get strong very quickly and
improve your health and quality of life without taking away
from your femininity in the least.