Wednesday, December 10, 2008

5 Simple Changes to Build Muscle Fast

If your goal is to get 100% better at something, what would
be the best way to go about it? I can think of two ends of
the continuum. The approach you select will be somewhere
along this continuum: doing one thing twice as good (or 100
percent better), or performing 100 activities 1 percent
better. I think that most people attempt the first approach,
but the latter is much more realistic.

Taken a step further, to make each of these small building
blocks more effective, you could also focus on things that
occur outside of your workouts. So you concentrate on
modifying your habits and making tiny improvements in many
areas that will stack on top of one another to bring you
massive benefits.

So here are 5 simple lifestyle changes you can make to help
you build muscle fast.

1) Replace Traditional Cardio with Interval Training

Aerobic exercise has a negative impact on muscle gaining
because it burns branched chain amino acids (BCAA) and
glycogen. Rather, concentrate on HIIT sessions for fat
burning, e.g. a 400-meter sprint followed by a 400-meter
recovery jog, repeated for a total of four times.

2) Increase Total Time Under Load (TTL)

Instead of focusing on the number of reps, concentrate on
the total time your muscles are under load. Try spending 2
seconds on the negative contraction, 1 second at neutral
(bottom of the exercise), and 1 second on the positive
contraction. Emphasizing the negative is an easy way to
overload muscles and promote muscle weight gain.

3) Eat More Fish

Not only is fish high in protein, it is also a natural
source of essential fatty acids, which are vital for both
your muscular health and your overall health. Omega-3's make
your muscles more sensitive to insulin, so they aid glycogen
storage and increase the absorption of amino acids into your
muscles, while also preserving glutamine storage.

4) Mix up your Total Time Under Load

One really easy way to add variety to a workout, confuse
your muscles, and build muscle up is to switch up your
repetition tempo by adding an explosive day once per week,
or an explosive set once per workout. It looks like this:
2-second negative contraction, 1-second neutral, explode as
fast as you can on the positive contraction and repeat.

5) Cheat on your Diet

If you haven't yet read the Cheat to Lose Diet, you should.
It's a pretty interesting theory into how the body
metabolizes food. The short story is that your body burns
fat in response to the presence of a hormone in your body,
and that hormone comes as a direct result of overeating! So
once a week, cheat, and follow your cheat day with two very
low-carbohydrate, high protein days. You'll enjoy the cheat
day and burn more fat to boot.

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