Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why Interval Training Is The Best Way To Lose Body Fat

Interval training is effective because it makes use of a
diverse range of fat burning methods, leaving you lean and
mean and in control. The fat-burning techniques include such
things as steady state cardiovascular workouts, high
intensity interval training, and weight training, among

Interval training is an approach where you alternate between
intense and easy workouts while resting in between. Your
workout will be in intervals, this way you provide your body
with the best exercise and you will burn the greatest amount
of fat as possible. This is the perfect solution for those
who want to lose a few pounds and be in top shape.

Steady state cardiovascular is working out in an exercise
that is at a fast pace for a specific period of time. You
will stay at that steady pace for the entire duration of the
exercise. Activities like this will involve exercising from
20 to 60 minutes. You want to work out at around 75% of your
maximum heart rate. The biggest benefit of this type of
exercise is it is easy for someone who is overweight to burn
the most calories in just one session.

High intensity interval training will help you lose as much
fat as possible. A person performing this workout will do
different rounds of high intensity mixed with low intensity
workouts. A good example of this would be running, walking
slowly, exercise bike, walking slowly, etc. This should go
on for up to 30 to 45 minutes.

Although the steady state works better to burn more fat in a
single workout, studies have proven that the interval
training works better over the long term. It actually works by
raising the body's metabolism. Although you are burning more
calories in a steady rate workout session, you are actually
burning more in the long run from the interval training sessions.
The reason being that even when you are at rest you are
burning fat. This enables your body to easily shed fat while
making it harder to gain back.

High intensity interval training can be quite hard for
certain people. If you are a low fitness person who is
completely out of shape it would be a good idea to start
with a workout that is less intense prior to starting on
something such as this.

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