Friday, December 12, 2008

Cardio Is Dead - Get Ready For Turbulence! A Turbulence Training Review

It's Friday, which means review day...

Desperate to burn fat? No time to exercise? Now there is no
excuse, introducing Turbulence Training, the program that
promises maximum fat loss in minimum workout time.
Turbulence Training assures quick fat loss solutions for men
and women who don’t have much time for exercise. This is an
audacious challenge, and the workouts assure maximum results
in only three workouts per week.

Before we check out the plan, let’s have a look at the guru
responsible for the workouts. I’ve seen Craig Ballantyne’s name
numerous times in top fitness books such as Men’s Health and
Men’s Fitness, and also in Oxygen and Shape magazines.
So the plan is no doubt assembled by a respected fitness master.

As a matter of fact, Craig’s reports are always particularly critical of
conventional aerobic cardio exercises. Therefore, if you are
seeking fresh methods to pass 30 or 60-minutes performing
cardio, then this plan isn't recommended. However if you
merely have 45 minutes to exercise, a couple of times per
week, and you have access to just a work bench, dumbbells,
and an exercise ball, then you’ll enjoy what Craig presents

Now among the most asked questions about the program
is simply, "What is Turbulence Training?" Well according
to Craig, it is the combined use of resistance training and
interval training to advance your metabolism, thus burning
more calories and fat between workouts. He says, "Cardio
does not advance your metabolism after physical exercise.
Only strength training and interval training do that - while
you exercise, rest, and eat - your body will be shedding

Luckily, Craig’s unequaled system of bodyweight
exercises, dumbbell exercises, and interval training can all
be performed at home, with nominal equipment. Therefore,
once more, if you're among those people who enjoys
machines, or cardio equipment, or long workouts, then this
plan is not for you.

These exercise plans are ideal for busy men and women.
However it’s not the type of program that's going to change
anybody into a professional muscle man. If you desire huge
muscles and want to look like a WWE wrestler, check out one
of Craig’s other programs. However the Turbulence Training
program is most effective for burning fat without losing muscle,
so you finish up lean, defined, chiseled and toned, the perfect athletic

And its enjoyable! So many other exercises are
tedious (i.e. drawn-out cardio) or unvaried (i.e. Executing
the identical bodybuilding exercises again and again).
However Turbulence Training utilizes many distinct (but not
soft) exercises, including a few cool, killer bodyweight
movements that will establish a more athletic frame and
develop your functional and core intensity - once more,
entirely with nominal equipment requirements.

I also encourage this system for people who are barely beginning,
as Craig has organized a 6-week basic plan, and a 4-week
intermediate plan besides the 16-week supercharged training
system (PLUS, the Turbulence Training system is accompanied
by a monumental number of bonus exercises for muscle
building, bodyweight alone, progressive fat loss, and even a
female specialized bonus).

Every exercise advances into the next. He’s applied all of
these workouts with hundreds of clients - thus they're secure
and efficient. Certainly, you'll be able to find different systems
that result in you being shattered and barfing after the first exercise,
but Turbulence Training is different. Stiffness is not an issue,
only solutions count! and you're in skilled hands with
Turbulence Training, and Men’s Health expert, Craig

In addition, Craig’s Turbulence Training also
incorporates a declaration - essentially, your pledge to
embodying and being dedicated to the plan. It also includes
an ebook on Nutrition Guidelines from expert, Dr. Chris
Mohr, Ph.D., and a comprehensive question and answer
segment, a 21-Healthy Habit Building program, and the
full-blown Turbulence Training exercises for the novice,
moderate and advanced level individuals.

All users will also profit from the Turbulence Training MP3
audio where Craig describes the system, plus you'll be able to
check out each and every single exercise down to the bone,
complete with pictures.

Right, so bottom line. Turbulence Training is NOT…

- Marathon, boring cardio exercises
- A machine-based exercise system
- A muscle building plan to acquire huge mass
- A workout with loads of time
- Wasting isolation exercises
- A limiting eating program

Turbulence Training offers NONE of the above. On the
other hand, Turbulence Training is ideal for busy men and
women who prefer to burn fat in the comfort of their own
homes without an outlay of too much money on equipment or
space on exercise machines. Oh, and you’ll most probably enjoy and
not "dread" these workouts - heck, they'll be complete
before you know it!

If you are even just a little interested, I highly encourage you
to take a serious look at Craig’s system. I was really taken with
all of the Turbulence Training workouts, the bonuses, and Craig’s
incredible,and some would say controversial knowledge. For
what you'll pay ($39.95), it’s by far and away the hottest
bargain in the fitness and fat loss market - rather more
beneficial than diet tablets don't you think?!

And remember… Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training is
endorsed by an 8-week money back guarantee. And this is a
serious guarantee… if you're not totally satisfied, you
will get your money back, no "ifs," "ands," or "buts."
So you simply have nothing to lose.

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