Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Snoring - The True Causes Of Sound Pollution In The Bedroom

Snoring is something we joke about but we soon stop thinking
it is a laughing matter if the person WE share our bedroom
with is a snorer.

The snoring can be soft and short in duration which makes it
a small problem, but when it is quite loud, lasting for
large parts of the night it can be seriously disruptive.
Being continually awakened through the night can have not
only both emotional and mental effects but physiological
effects as well.

When there is a need, there will be products. And so it is
with snoring. Untold devices and contraptions are available
to try to help stop the snoring. Some of them work
somewhat, and some not at all. One of the problems is that
people snore for a variety of reasons and these devices are
for the most part only a band aid.

Products that aim at correcting the symptoms of the problem
such as chin straps or mouth pieces do nothing to get to the
underlying causes, thus, the snoring will return as soon as
the device is not worn.

Other natural methods may work to some extent, such as
changing position in bed onto your side instead of sleeping on
your back, yoga, abstaining from alcohol etc. While some of
these methods may be helpful, they too will only work as
long as you do them.

The most common causes of snoring are all related to the
tissue in and around the mouth and throat from narrow nasal
passages, stuffy nose, weak muscles in the throat, tense
muscles in the jaw, soft palate being weak and falling into
throat and the tongue being weak falling backwards and
partially blocking the airways.

What can you do about these causes? A few minutes per day doing
easy and very specific exercises can tone and firm your
tissues and before you know it, you and those sleeping
within earshot of you will enjoy peaceful snore free nights.

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