Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What You Can Do With Celery Seed

If you have simply bought yourself some celery seed on a
whim, or you are simply interested in finding out what it
can do for you, there is some information that you should
know about the seasoning celery seed. This seasoning has
been around for quite some time in a wide variety of
cultures, and you will find that with a little bit of work,
it can be easily integrated into your diet. Take some time
to look around and see what celery seed can do for you!

What is Celery Seed?

Celery seed comes from a plant called apium graveolons, not
the celery vegetable. There are a lot of other small, brown
seeds, which are similar in appearance, but the unique smell
of celery seed gives it away. They smell just like celery.
When you use celery seeds in your recipe, whether you are
making crockpot chicken noodle soup, a salad dressing, or a
vegetarian casserole, you will find these seeds impart the
flavor of celery without having to add stalks of celery to
the recipe.

How Can You Use Celery Seed?

You can use these seeds to flavor soups and salad dressings
as well as in pickling. Chicken noodle soup has a real kick
if you add some celery seed. If you suffer from bronchitis,
gout, arthritis, and various other inflammations, celery
seed is a scientifically proven homeopathic remedy.

Because celery seeds have a significant concentration of
phtalides, you will see that it has some scientifically
provable qualities as a sedative and a muscle-relaxant.
Consumption of celery seeds also leads to an antioxidant

How can I make a good celery seed salad dressing?

As well as being an excellent ingredient in homemade chicken
noodle soup, celery seeds are found in many types of salad
dressing. You can make your own by combining a teaspoon of
salt, a teaspoon of celery seed and a teaspoon of dry
mustard. Next, add a teaspoon of onion juice and trickle in
a cup of salad oil and a third of a cup of vinegar slowly.
The resulting dressing is mild yet tangy and is very tasty
on vegetable or fruit salads. You might prefer to add sugar
and pepper, depending on your taste.

What Foods are Good with Celery Seeds?

Celery should be added when you feel the recipe would suit
it. With a bit of experimentation, trial and error you might
even be able to come up with some fabulous new recipes.
Homemade chicken noodle soup is known for being extra tasty
with added celery seed, or crockpot chicken noodle soup if
you are at work all day and want to come home to a ready
meal. If you normally add celery to a certain recipe, try
celery seed instead for a change in texture. Coleslaw and
chicken potpie are other recipes, which suit a celery seed

There are many reasons, as you can see, for using celery
seed. A bottle of celery seed keeps for up to 3 years so there
is no reason not to get some and experiment. Try making
some chicken noodle soup and adding celery seed
to taste. You definitely won't be disappointed with the

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