Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Here Are 7 Super Tips To Great Ab Workouts

Does it really have to be so difficult to find some good ab
workouts? There is so much to choose from, so how will you
know what is good? Let me give you some pointers to keep in
mind when working your abs, and some great ab workouts.

1. To make sure an ab exercise is effective you need to
make sure that you feel your muscles working, either
pushing or pulling. If you can't feel anything, it's highly
unlikely that the exercise is effective.

2. Concentrate while doing the exercise. Make sure you are
really using your abs. Don't cheat by using the momentum, or
by pulling with your arms or legs.

3. Use an exercise ball. By lifting the exercise up from
the floor, on to an exercise ball, you will be strengthening
your whole core. Your body will be using more muscles to
prevent you from falling off. Its great for balance as well.

4. Here are some great ab workouts for you to try:

Toe Raises. Start with lying on the floor, hands by your
sides. Point your toes towards the ceiling, lifting your
legs straight up. Slowly return to start position. Repeat 15

V-Sit. Start with lying flat on the floor, with your hands
by your sides. Lift your legs and your upper body at the
same time, making a V with your body. Only your bottom
should be on the floor. Slowly go back to the starting
position. Do 10 repetitions. Or at least as many as you can

Superman Push-ups. Take the normal push-ups position,
then run your hands forward as far as you can. Pull your belly
in and keep it tight. If you can manage 5 to 10 you are doing
well. One of the best exercises because it works your whole body.

5. Your diet will have the biggest impact on what your body
looks like. To get a body to show off on the beach, you need
to spoil your body with nutritious food. Eat a lot of fresh
fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats, and drink
a lot of water. This will make a big difference.

6. Have a balanced workout. All your muscles need to be
trained for optimal result. If you are working your abs, you
mustn't forget your back, and so on.

7. Include an aerobic program in your exercise routine. You
need to lower your body fat percentage if you want a really
toned stomach. Use interval training - short, intense cardio sessions.

Use these seven tips, and you will get the best out of
already good ab workouts.

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