Tuesday, December 30, 2008

5 Questions To Ask About Meal Replacement Diets

So you've decided to start a meal replacement program.
Before you begin however, you need to ask a few simple but
helpful questions. Protect you health, and save yourself
some money by first asking the following five questions:

1. Does the program work? The first question may seem
obvious, but many do not even bother to ask. Does the
program actually work? Your goal in being on any diet is
weight loss. Stray away from programs that cannot prove how
well they work or that do not provide any guidance or
support. If a program does what it says, it should be able
to provide success stories from some of its customers. If
it can't you should start looking elsewhere.

2. What kind of professional supervision is provided? A
meal replacement program should only be undertaken with
proper medical supervision. Medical evaluation and
emotional support are both very important in any weight loss
program, especially a meal replacement program. If you are
investing your time and money in a program, it should offer
you professional guidance by qualified professionals.

3. What kind of ongoing maintenance support do you offer?
Losing the weight is only the first step. It is the very
beginning of a lifelong change in lifestyle and dietary
habits. You will need support to stay on track once you've
reached your goal weight. Choose programs that help keep
you motivated and connected with follow up support, and
offer options for intervention should you start to regain

4. How much does it cost? The important point of this
question is not that you should try to skimp out and choose
the "cheapest" program, but you should choose a program that
gives you your money's worth. You could end up paying
thousands of dollars for food, enrollment fees, and other
hidden fees for a regimen that is poorly designed that
doesn't work. Furthermore, it may offer no training or
support. However, a program that is less expensive could be
highly effective. All in all, choose the best program that
fits your budget.

5. Are there hidden fees, and can you get a refund? A true
sign of confidence is a weight loss program that offers a
money back guarantee. A program that is confident in what
it can do will have no problems with offering to give you
your money back if you are not completely satisfied with the
results. Also, be careful of hidden fees, like additional
consultation and supplement fees. Reputable weight loss
programs will always be upfront with what it's going to cost
you to participate.