Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ab Machines - Do They Actually Work?

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By Tom Leverson

One of the frequent questions I often get asked is, do the
ab cruncher exercise machines you often see on television
actually work? Yes and no is the answer to that question. I
know this is not particularly useful but let me explain.

These machines exercise the different layers of ab muscles.
The idea is that these machines will stimulate the abs muscles
to enlarge. However, they will not necessarily give you a set
of rippling, muscular, lean abs. The reason being is that to
get a set of ripped abs you will need to get rid of that layer
of fat tissue that overlays the abs.

Ab crunchers will not normally remove the fat focally over
the abs. Performing hundreds or thousands of sit ups will
not get rid of this layer of fat tissue for the exact same
reason. The only way to do this is by lowering calorie
intake and burning excess calories, therefore reducing fat
content all over the body.

Adding an aerobic exercise regime to your exercise program
is the most effective way to burn off these calories. Also,
exercises that use the big muscles of the body such as the
quadriceps are great at burning calories.

The quadriceps are the big thigh muscles located at the
upper part of the legs. A good exercise to stimulate the
quads is squats. Due to the fact that they produce so much
heat and burn a large amount of calories means they are
great to help weight loss. They also stimulate the body's
natural growth hormone production therefore encouraging
muscle growth which is good for building those abdominal

The most common aerobic exercises are rowing, running,
swimming and cycling. For burning fat it is best to do these
exercises over a long period of time.

Used on their own these machines won't get you a set of
visible rippling abs. You have to do fat busting exercises
as well. Great ab development can be had in as soon as
twelve weeks if you apply this advice consistently.

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