Thursday, July 23, 2009

How To Develop A Superhero Chest

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By Emmanuel Palmer

Every generation grows up with the same idea of what super
heroes look like; and unless it's saving the world one book
at a time, I'm betting you haven't found a pale and skinny
hero yet. We've stopped watching cartoons a long time ago,
but the physical standards of what heroes look like don't
really ever leave us. If you want to look like one, you have
to learn the best ways on how to build chest muscle fast.

Alright, maybe the mission is a little less pressing than
world peace but everybody has to start somewhere right?
Concentrate on building your knowledge on how to build
muscle the right way, other super qualities you can learn as
you go on.

To effectively build chest muscle fast you need to
understand the workouts that will work in the specific areas
in your chest. The incline barbell bench for instance will
target the upper chest muscles. Use slow and purposeful
movements and feel the burn when you do. Don't let the bar
touch your chest because this will remove the stress you want
to put on the chest while also putting strain on your
shoulder joints as well.

For the lower chest muscle, use the decline dumbbell fly and
decline barbell bench press. If you are a beginner, make
sure there is an instructor or spotter on when you
perform this particular workout as the angle makes it a
little more complicated than average.

And the last section-the inner and outer chest muscles.
Strengthen this area by using the flat bench dumbbell fly
correctly. Keep the correct form throughout the drill. Don't
let your shoulders move as you slowly extend the weights to
the starting position. Doing so will strain the shoulders.
More important than completing the reps and sets is doing
the said exercises properly.

If you are only beginning this high intensity workout to
build up your chest, expect loud protestations from your
body in the form of aches and soreness. Keep at it because
you are developing strength even in your sleep. After a few
weeks, execute the same exercises but give it all you've
got-train to your body's maximum tolerance level. When you
push the targeted muscles to the limits, muscle growth is
accelerated. Have a trained instructor nearby to assist you
in these endeavors.

Include more exercises into your workout program. Change it
up every four to six weeks because your body needs to be
challenged every so often; switching up the weight loads and
drills will keep your body guessing. Target the serratus
anterior (muscle between the chest and back) with pullovers.
Build up your chest even more with dumbbell flyes.

Take these tips and run with it; they will help you build
chest muscle fast. Maybe you're not a super hero yet - but
with your new physique, everybody will think you are one

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