Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How To Lose Weight Without Starving

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By Travis Van Slooten

This isn't some kind of smoking mirrors gimmick or the
latest spin from a money-making junk mail expert. It really
is possible for you to drop excess pounds without the need
to follow a restricted diet.

It doesn't mean however that you also have the liberty to
indulge in whatever food you want. So let's get down to
business and talk about how you can get the pounds off
without having to starve yourself.

Even if you are trying to lose some weight, you still need
to eat. Rather than starve yourself what you need to do is
to learn to recognize the signals that your body gives out
when it's actually hungry. The skill of getting your eating
habits under control is where the magic of weight loss
really lies.

There are three different categories that individuals can
fall into when it comes to eating patterns. Which one do you
fit into? Identify it and you'll find your weight issues are
much easier to understand.

You eat when:

You're hungry?

If you are, then good for you. However, you should also be
able to recognize the signs of satisfaction that your body
sends. Knowing when to eat and then when to stop is key to
developing healthy eating habits and subsequently, weight
loss. Even if you don't have any limit to the type of foods
you eat, as long as you just take in enough food that the
body can burn, there's no reason why you should keep on
packing the pounds. Add a few minutes of exercise into your
daily routine and watch the pounds go away.

You think you want to eat

This type of eater is one who is more likely to gain weight
than losing it. For those hoping or needing to achieve
weight loss, eating just for the enjoyment of it or whenever
there is good food to be had should be a big no-no. The
desire to eat may always be there and can be triggered
easily by different factors including stress, inactivity,
loneliness, the sight of delicious food, and other
activities. And because the body did not signal that it
needed the food, your unused intake will only be converted
to excess body fat.

Your diet tells you to?

Some individuals are on the perennial diet. And while one
may be able to maintain the ideal weight using that
strategy, being constantly on a diet doesn't make for a
healthy lifestyle. Individuals who fall under this category
may constantly feel deprived. And even if he is eating the
right foods, there is little enjoyment to it. What's worse
is that he may feel the need to stay away from social
gatherings with family and friends to avoid the temptation
of foods that are "forbidden." Weight loss shouldn't come at
such expense.

Which group do you mainly fall into? If you're in group 1,
then you're doing great. If you're in group 2 or 3, then you
must consider what you can do to change your eating habits.
Start to listen to your body and know what a hunger pang
feels like. That's the signal that's time to eat. If you can
master this, and the ability to stop eating when you know
your body is satisfied, then you will discover the true
magic of weight loss!

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