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Want To Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat? 3 Effective Solutions

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By Tanapon Laohaniwatworn

Trying to burn belly fat fast is not a tough thing to do,
though it can seem that way if you are trying to go about it
the wrong way. This article will show you some simple ways
you can start to burn belly fat without jumping on the next
crazy diet bandwagon or using an infomercial gimmick that
promises easy results in just "6 minutes per day".

Tip 1 - Avoid "quick fix" diets that promise overnight

There are a lot of different "quick fixes", but what you
really want to avoid is using a "crash diet." A crash diet
essentially means that you try to starve yourself by
purposely eating as little as possible in hopes it will help
you burn fat. For example, many people try to eat only one
meal a day and try to maintain this as a lifestyle. A crash
diet will only cause you more grief than results. It will
put your body into starvation mode and crash your
metabolism. You may lose some belly fat but in the long run
your metabolism will slow down and you will lose muscle
. This makes it even harder to burn belly fat.

Don't use a crash diet. Try to eat 5-6 smaller meals in a
day. This will keep you full, and will prevent spikes in
your blood sugar. Eating high quality protein (such as
chicken, turkey, fish, tuna, etc) will help you lose your
belly fat as these foods take a lot of energy to digest.

Vitamin rich foods packed with minerals and high nutritional
value such as fruits and vegetables will help you lose your
belly fat because they are not very calorie dense. This
means you can eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and not
consume as many calories as you would eating processed food.

This helps you burn belly fat and do it fast because you are
essentially eating more food but consuming fewer calories.

Tip 2 - Really push yourself when you workout!

If you do intense workouts as opposed to workouts where you
never really push yourself, then you will be on the right
track to burn belly fat fast. Pushing yourself hard when you
workout gets your metabolism going and it will keep it
elevated so you keep burning calories long after you are
finished working out.

The trick is to push your self hard for short periods of
time. Not for a long, extended workout.

Try the following exercises and read the instructions below.
You will feel a huge difference between the intensity of
this vs. your old workouts.

12 body weight squats

15 dumbbell swings

12 push ups

Do this series of exercises and do as many rounds as you can
in 10 minutes. You will feel how intense this workout is if
you do this!

Tip 3 - Instead of doing long, slow cardio, try doing

Interval training will help you burn belly fat fast because
it will help boost your metabolism for hours after you are
done working out. High intensity interval training switches
back and forth from high and low intensities, so you are
still pushing your self out of your comfort zone for short,
quick bursts.

Since you alternate between these intensities in a very
meticulous way, you will find yourself working much harder
than before. 20 minutes of interval training often feels
like 60 minutes of normal, same speed cardio!

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