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How Body Type Can Affect Your Body Building Success

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By Kyle Peters

Bodybuilding can be a difficult sport at the best of times
but one way to improve your chances of success is to know
your body type. Knowing this will tell you how you are going
to respond to the weight training and exercise program and
allow any modifications necessary to increase your success.
Often it can be just a simple process of looking in a mirror
and studying your features to determine your type.

If you are tall and skinny then this would often mean you
would be classified in the group known as endomorphs. These
are classically hard gainers and if you fall into this group
and have already started a training program you will know
that no matter what you do, it is difficult to put on any
weight or muscle.

The major advantage of being in this group is that although
you may find it difficult to put on muscle it will also be
difficult to put on fat. What this means to you is that when
you do put on muscle mass it will be without a gain in fat
which will leave you looking very ripped. In fact you
would not have to put on as much muscle to look bigger and
toned as you will have superb definition.

The next group are typically shorter, squat, heavier and are
naturally more muscular. These are commonly known as the
mesomorphs. Often they will claim to be able to put on
muscle just by looking at a set of weights!

For those with a mesomorphic physique then usually a less
intense workout program is required. The biggest hurdle to
face though is the issue of fat gain. As well as muscle,
these types can also easily put on fat. It is vital to
increase the proportion of protein intake in the daily
calories to try and overcome this.

The ideal amount of daily intake of protein for endomorphs
is around 2g per kilogram of body weight. It is also
important to increase general calorie intake to stimulate an
anabolic state.

Excellent gains can be achieved by both body types but those
with ectomorphic bodies will have to work harder in the gym
to stimulate muscle growth and will also have to increase
calorie intake. With mesomorphs it is important to be
careful about increasing fat levels and often, many will
find they end up cycling between bulking up and losing fat.

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