Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bruce Lee or Michael Jackson - Who Has Had More Impact On The World?

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By Al Case

Hate to be the one that points it out, but both Bruce Lee
and Michael Jackson happen to be dead. Period. End.

Which leaves us with the burning question, which one of
these superstars had more impact on the world. It doesn't
matter that they were in different areas, we can still put
'em up against each other. So, let's examine the issue.

Bruce Lee wins over MJ when it comes to acting. Heck,
Michael hardly made anything, so he gets a big time zero. On
the other hand, Bruce made a handful of movies that inspire
people to this day.

You could argue for MJ when it comes to singing, but Bruce
Lee is gonna come out on top again. The dilemma is that
Bruce Lee's vocals are more memorable than MJ's. I mean, are
you going to call that mugger a PYT, or give him a chilling
woop woop that will remind him that there are people in this
world who can kick some serious ass!

Believe it or not, Bruce Lee had better moves than Michael.
Michael couldn't kick somebody's adam's apple, or do the
splits or anything worthwhile, all he could do was walk
funny backwards. Bruce, on the other hand, could have
moonwalked like a genius.

Bruce wins on downright sheer impact. Michael encouraged a
generation of young, impressionable minds to walk backwards
funny, uh, walk funny backwards, uh, you know. Bruce, on the
other hand, encouraged several generations, and is still
going strong, as to the value of healthy living, being able
to protect yourself, living an artistic lifestyle, and on
and on and on.

I think it is obvious that Bruce wins, once again, and
bigger than ever, when it come to who had more
presence. Michael filled a boom box, and an occasional stage,
but he never said a line like..."you have offended my family,
you have offended Shaolin". Really, except for words from a
few songs that are hard to understand, can anybody remember
much of anything that Michael said?

So Bruce Lee would have kicked Michael Jackson's ass,
big time, dead or alive. Oh, you don't like it, you think I
rigged the results worse than an OJ trial? Well, you better
walk backwards funny away from me and mumble so I can't hear
what you say, because, my friend, I study Bruce Lee.

Al Case has practiced the martial arts for forty years.
He'll ( Moonwalk your Face at
( Monster Martial Arts.

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