Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What Are The Benefits To Health of a Fruit Diet?

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By Jack Rowntree

Some people decide to put themselves on a fruit only diet
for either a short period of time or part of a long-term
plan. This is usually as part of a cleansing program in
order to help maintain health and well-being. However, when
embarking on such a diet there are ways to consume the fruit
and types of fruit to eat to make the experience better.

Some people will hit the diet head on and go out and consume
vast quantities of fruit. This usually has the result of
making you feel bloated and nauseous.

The best way to approach this is to copy what grazing
animals do and just eat small amounts of it frequently
during the day. Small amounts regularly will prevent insulin
surges which can make you feel more hungry. It will also
prevent large amounts of fruit sitting in the stomach which
can ferment and make you feel gassy and bloated.

Juicing is another excellent way of getting your daily quota
of fruit. You can take in your daily allowance in a
refreshing cool drink. This method also reduces the workload
you place on the bowel because fruit, especially in the
liquid form, is easy to digest and so requires less energy.
Many people report the feeling of having increased energy.
Compare this to the feeling of tiredness and sluggishness
you get after eating a heavy meal full of protein and

Different types of fruit can also affect your health and
benefits. Organically grown fruit is free from chemicals and
insecticides and are often grown in a good quality soil. You
are, therefore, reducing the build up of these potentially
toxic compounds in the body and you are reaping the full
nutritious benefits from your fruit.

It has been demonstrated that organic fruit and vegetables
have increased levels of vitamins and minerals as compared
to their inorganic counterparts. Although organic fruit and
vegetables are usually more expensive than their inorganic
alternatives you don not have to eat as much to get the same
amount of nutritional benefits.

If you do decide to go down the route of a fruit diet then
getting a variety of fruit is worthwhile. You will not only
be less inclined to become bored of the diet, you will also
be getting a wide variety of nutrients into your system.

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