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What Are The Benefits of Healthy Snacks & What Are The Best Foods To Eat?

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The truth about healthy snacks for weight loss is that they
are vital to eat during the day. Research has discovered
that people who do not snack consume more food at mealtimes.
People who do not snack end up consuming more fat and
calories than those people who do snack between mealtimes.
People still wonder though what the benefits are to healthy
snacking and what kinds of foods are actually considered

The most beneficial thing to healthy snack eating is that
you do not binge later on foods that are unhealthy to curb
your hunger. If you are suffering from a growling stomach or
hunger pangs, then you should snack now versus waiting for
the next mealtime. Hunger management through the day is
important not only for proper eating but also for
maintenance of blood sugar levels. So, how and when should
you consume your snacks?

So what types of foods are included in the healthy snacks
Whole grain foods are a good choice because of the
fiber content in them that gives you that needed energy to
last until a full meal. Some great options for this are
whole grain crackers and whole grain pretzels. These and
other healthy selections can be found in the organic snacks
section in your local grocer.

Other obvious choices of healthy snacks for weight loss are
fruits and vegetables. They are low in calorie, fat free,
and are loaded with all the vitamins and minerals that the
body needs. A word of warning, though; if you decide to have
some salad for snacks, go easy on the salad dressing.

Another great snack are nuts and seeds. They are full of
protein but are high in calories, so do not consume too many
of them in one sitting.

You can also snack on foods which are rich in calcium but
low in fat while waiting for dinner. These include light
yogurt and cheese which was processed with skim milk.

What times are the best times for these snacks? On the
average, most people have breakfast at around 8 am and in
this case, a 10:30 am snack should keep you going until a
1:00 pm lunchtime. Afternoon snacks are usually eaten around
3:30 pm, and then it's dinner time at 6:00 or 6:30 pm. This
sample schedule shows that the ideal healthy snack is eaten
within 2-3 hours before and after a meal. This would allow
you to eat smaller and healthier, while keeping you full
enough to go about your daily activities.

Healthy snacks are important in your goal of losing weight.
People who do not snack end up hungry and frustrated when
meal time comes around and then they forget about all
intention of losing weight, eating fatty foods that do
nothing for their health. This habit does not also bode
well for the blood sugar and could complicate even further
when symptoms of emotional and physical stress manifest
themselves. It may not sound correct when you say that
snacking is good for losing weight, but this is the truth.
Not only will you end up consuming less calories, it will
also help you concentrate on what you have to do instead of
warding off the hunger pangs.

By keeping yourself focused on the end goal, you'll end up
thinner and healthier. Healthy snacks for weight loss are
the way to go.

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