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Lose Weight Fast - 3 Crucial Things You Should Know

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By Chloe Bishop

Most people nowadays are looking for fast and easy ways to
lose weight. We long to have lean, toned and attractive
physique and yet we are not willing to work for it.

This overwhelming demand for easy ways to lose weight fast
is exactly what's fueling the scams that many diet and
weight loss companies are perpetuating.

Do these sound familiar:

"Simply peel and stick to burn fat and lose weight!" (ad
selling diet patches)

"This product will change your body in 4 minutes a day!"

"Forget about long, difficult exercises! We have a range of
treatments and surgeries to make you lose weight..."

"Take this pill, go to bed... wake up skinny! It's magic!"

If you really think about it - can you honestly believe
their promises are true?

Out of desperation, many people actually buy into these
fantasies of a quick, easy, and miraculous physical

Sure they are just doing their jobs - but don't you think
you deserve to make a well-informed and educated purchasing

They say when it sounds too good to be true, then it
probably is. So before you fall for any of the hype again,
remember these 3 things being kept from you by most
marketers of quick fix weight loss solutions:

1. "Weight loss" is not necessarily beneficial.

Most (if not all) body wraps, slimming teas, and toning
creams work mainly by eliminating water from your body.

Losing water changes nothing about how much body fat you
have. Remember that your body is 75% water. It's sick that
their strategy for making you lose weight is by dehydrating

But you gotta hand it to them - dehydration IS an easy way
to lose weight fast! Clever, indeed.

Losing weight by dehydrating yourself is obviously
ineffective, and the weight loss effect hardly lasts.
Buying these miracle cures is just like patching up a hole
on your shirt - it may patch up the hole, but it doesn't
make you look good nor solve the problem.

2. Starving yourself actually makes you fatter!

Another "easy ways to lose weight fast" solutions are pills
and potions designed to make you lose appetite. An extremely
low-calorie diet can work in the short term, but over a
prolonged period of time, our body's starvation response
mechanism kicks in, ultimately causing our bodies to hoard

When you starve yourself, you may lose weight at the start
due to the big calorie deficit, but eventually your body
thinks it's starving to death so it switches to survival
mode. When this happens, it burns off your muscles for fuel,
conserves energy by decreasing your metabolism and - horror
of horrors - keeps your body fat.

Is that what you really want?

3. Many quick fix solutions don't work for the long-term.

Of course, when you DO lose weight through bogus means and
by using ineffective products, in order to keep losing
weight you're made to think you have to keep consuming their
products. And that's exactly what marketers and vendors are
training you to do: to keep buying their stuff!

Considering this reason alone, you may want to ask yourself
if it's really worth it.


The problem with weight loss is that losing weight could
mean just losing water or muscle. So instead of having
weight loss as your goal, aim for fat loss instead.

An truly effective fat loss program includes the right
combination of personalized nutrition, exercise and mental

Using natural methods, you may need to pay a higher price
with your sweat and resilience to see results, but the
benefits are worth it.

The truth is that there are no magical and miraculous
solutions that can instantly give us the body we want. If
there are, then why is obesity a continuously growing


Many people fail to lose fat effectively because they don't
know what to do or how to do it. I say that the best way to
to find out what works for you is by educating yourself
using reliable sources and applying the principles you've

The best resource I've found about fat-burning and muscle
building is Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

I myself have used Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, and while
the results had been remarkable (I reached my target of 15%
body fat within 84 days), what really worked for me was the
whole process of how I succeeded. When I read Burn the Fat,
I finally 'got' it, and from then on I was unstoppable. I
had everything I needed to make it work: the motivation, the
knowledge, and a proven way to find my very own fat loss

You can learn more about Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle
program at ( Burn Fat Gain
Muscle website here.

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