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Use These 5 Criteria When Choosing A Muscle Building Program To Fit You

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By Mark Dale

Why is it that so many people who have followed various
muscle building programs have failed to make the muscle mass
gains they desire? Well put simply, it's usually because
they've followed a muscle program that is completely
unsuitable for building muscle. If this sounds like you and
you're not seeing regular muscle growth and improvements in
the mirror then you are doing something wrong.

However, many muscle building programs can be completely
inappropriate to an individual's needs. The result of this
can be anything from little or no muscle gains or even
injury through over training.

If you are looking for a muscle building program that can be
customized for your goals, body type, and size then I
suggest you think about the following 5 main points when
choosing your next program:

1. Workout Time

Muscle building programs aimed at gaining lean muscle mass
will not have you training for hours in the gym. Your
workout routines should last no more than 45 mins, but
should be intense and push your strength to the limit.

2. Varying Your Workout Program

Keep your workout program varied and this will help to keep
your muscles growing by stimulating them in different ways.
Therefore re-structure your gym workouts every 8 - 12 weeks.
If you don't change routines your body will become used to
the same exercises and muscle growth will slow or even stop.

3. Rest is Part of Your Muscle Program

You need plenty of rest to help your muscles grow and to
help your body recover from your workouts. Every good muscle
building program must include rest days and you should
always take a week off at the end of your 8-12 weeks

4. Perform Exercise with Correct Form

When doing any sort of physical activity you must make sure
that you do them safely, using the correct form and speed.
Look out for muscle building programs that provide you with
exercise databases that are either video or illustration
based. If you are unsure of how to do an exercise correctly
then don't do it -watch the video or study the illustrations
and practice with a light weight.

5. Diet - The Most Essential Part!

Diet is the key to every bodybuilder's success. However any
muscle building diet must be personalized to your body type
and goals. The best muscle building programs will provide
diet plans for every individual. This means diet plans will
cover all calorie levels and include meals from 2000 - 6000
calories a day. The best meal plans I've come across even
cater for vegetarians or those who need to avoid specific

So that's 5 very simple but very important tips to get you
on the right track to muscle building success. Make sure you
find answer to all these points when you are looking at
muscle building programs.

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