Wednesday, February 11, 2009

5 Types Of Home Exercise Equipment

It seems like many people have similar goals about their
bodies - lose weight,
( strength training
or tone up, but fewer and fewer people are opting to join
gyms to try and reach their goals. Some people don't live
close enough to a gym to make that option feasible and some
people just simply can't afford the monthly dues. If you
have a goal of getting in better shape, but for one reason
or another can't or won't join a gym there are several
viable options you can have at home to help you achieve all
of your fitness goals.


There are few activities that burn calories as well as
running, if you've got some extra weight that you want to
lose or if you just want to get into the best cardiovascular
condition that you possibly can - then running is
an obvious choice to get you to your goal. Running (or
walking for that matter) is an activity that almost anyone
can do without a gym or fancy equipment. The problem with
outdoor running is that weather conditions can ruin your

A treadmill can be an inexpensive way to be able to do your
running/walking workout without having to worry about the
weather forecast. Rain or shine; wind or cold - it makes no
difference, with a treadmill you'll be able to get a great
workout without leaving your home.


Elliptical machines offer a cardio workout that can rival
that of a good run or walk. Elliptical machines can cost a
bit more than a lower end treadmill but they do offer one
unique advantage - next to no impact. If you've had a
history of joint pain or problems that preclude you from
high impact exercises like running then an elliptical
machine may be just the thing you need to get a great cardio

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes come in all shapes and sizes and are another
great low-impact alternative to running for cardio workouts.
Biking is an excellent activity to burn calories and build
overall health, but it's wise to "try before you buy" if at
all possible. All exercise bikes may not be comfortable to
all people and the last thing you want when trying to get a
good workout is to be stuck atop an uncomfortable apparatus.
If the store has a display model, give it a quick spin and
make sure that there are several adjustments to accommodate
people of different heights and sizes.

Home Gyms

If part of your goal is to build a bit of muscle, then a
home gym might be the right piece of equipment for you.
There are literally dozens of different brands and models to
choose from, each with different accessories and attachments
to accommodate even the most complex workout routines in a
limited amount of space. It's a good idea to read some
customer reviews before buying to try and gauge the ease of use
of each home gym. Some systems come with resistance bands,
weight stacks or resistance wheels - you want something that
will be user friendly so completing your workout is a
pleasure rather than a hassle.


Spinners are like a newer, more advanced version of an
exercise bike. Some models offer wide ranges of adjustable
resistance and tons of extra added amenities that you
wouldn't normally find on a run of the mill indoor cycle.
Some spinners are designed to give you the feel that you
are actually out cycling and riders can get a ride along with
DVDs that virtually put you in different locations and situations
while working out. If you think that traditional indoor cycling is
too boring to hold your attention, than a spinner might be a
better choice.

Whatever your workout or fitness goal is, with the types and
varieties of equipment available - you certainly don't need
to spend the money or waste the time traveling to a gym -
you can get an excellent and tremendously effective workout
right in the comfort of your own home.