Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two Essential Food Repairs for Fast Weight Loss

You may be wondering: "what are food repairs for?" Well, as
a matter of fact, most of the diet plans out there have
certain common loopholes, and these food repairs are
processes to correct those loopholes. These loopholes, if
not corrected, would prevent you from losing weight and
might actually increase your body weight instead!

Many of the fad diet plans out there are either defective or
incomplete. If we follow these diets just as it is, then we
are certain to go in the wrong direction. For example, most
diets would advice you to reduce massively on your food
intake. When you do that, you will end up gaining weight
instead of losing it! On top of that, you will suffer from
malnutrition and lack of energy! Studies have pointed out
that women who eat 400 calories less than their specified
calorie requirements are likely to suffer from abdominal
obesity. As a result, they gain belly fat!

These food repairs will help you achieve your weight loss
goals quicker:

1. Focus on protein rather than carbs: While carbs are
an important ingredient of any healthy meal plan, what you
should focus on is protein, especially when you are trying
to lose weight. Unlike carbs which give you short, sudden
bursts of energy that last only for a short while, protein
will keep you energetic for a longer time. With carbs, your
body will receive more fat than energy; with protein, it is
just the opposite.

Protein also helps you build strong lean muscle mass. Since
lean muscles need a lot of energy to be maintained, your
body has to burn your existing fat deposits in order to
produce the extra energy. So that is another way protein can
help you with weight loss!

2. Skipping breakfast should be avoided: Skipping breakfast
is something most of the very overweight people do; they
have a tendency to think that they will lose weight if they
don't eat breakfast. This is the usual misconception.
Actually, the opposite happens. When you don't eat
breakfast, you are sending a signal to your body that there
is a famine out there, and that to combat it, your body
needs to store energy in the form of fat deposits.

When you starve, your body slows down your metabolism and
stores fat instead of burning it! As you can see, skipping
breakfast will have a negative effect on your body.

Breakfast is ideally there for one reason: to "break the
fast"; that is, to offer your body with the first surge of
energy of the day. When your body gets enough food, it
produces lots of energy and your metabolic rate is
automatically increased. When that happens, you start
losing weight!