Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Become A Pro In Shrimp Dishes!

Shrimps are no longer considered as a dish reserved for the
special occasion only. Now in almost every home it is cooked
regularly. The reason behind its popularity is not only the
fact that it tastes good and is easy to prepare but it is
healthy as well. For instance, less than 85 calories are
gained with 3-ounces of shrimps. Although it is known to
contain high dietary cholesterol, it doesn't increase blood

Easy shrimps recipes are widely available that can help you
in preparing a shrimp dish. You can easily prepare tasty and
healthy shrimps with these recipes. A perfect shrimp dish
not only depends on the recipe used but the quality and
quantity of shrimp as well. The most popular type of shrimps
in the market is white, brown and pink shrimp. You will also
find jumbo, rock and tiger shrimps.

Shrimps are available on count per pound basis in the
market. The more the number of shrimps, the smaller their
size is. It is advisable to consider pound per person when
ordering for shrimps. Also, you should buy frozen shrimps
and later defrost them. When about to prepare a shrimp dish,
make sure to thaw the shrimps in your refrigerator before
using them.

You don't need high cooking skills for cooking shrimp.
Depending on the recipe you will either be required to cook
through boiling, cooking within the recipe itself or cooking
partially in advance.

Before providing you with an easy shrimp recipe, here are few
tips that one can follow to cook perfect tasty shrimps. The
most important tip is not to let the shrimp overcook
otherwise the shrimp will dry-up and becomes rubbery. In the
boiling method, the shrimp will rise to the top of water to
signal its done. Secondly, sometimes your shrimp smells off a
little-bit. If it is still fresh from the market then simply
rub the shrimp with baking soda and let it stay in the
refrigerator for about ten minutes. Then rinse it thoroughly
and remove the soda completely. Note that if it is giving
off a strong ammonia odor then it is time for you to throw
it away and not use it. Peeling shrimp off when raw is
easier than when cooked.

Below is an easy shrimp recipe that you can follow :

Ingredients needed:
a. 3 tbsp of garlic minced
b. cup of lemon juice
c. 2 tbsp of olive oil
d. cup of parsley(freshly minced)
e. tsp of salt
f. tsp of pepper
g. 1- pounds of cooked shrimps

Place oil and garlic in skillet over medium heat until
fragrant. After this add parsley, lemon juice, pepper and
salt. Transfer to a large bowl and add shrimps. Serve when