Saturday, February 7, 2009

Balance Training - Get A Complete Workout

Athletes in any sport must focus on several areas of the
body during their training. A strength-based workout
consists of much more than basic stamina and physical
strength; you can train for boxing by using kettle bells,
power bags and boxing rings to focus on your upper body.

This process will enable you to work on your flexibility,
provide a total body workout and will help you to become
aware of mobility limits. One simple way to achieve this is
to focus on balance training in your workout.

Balance training is used by many athletes, martial artists
and physical therapists around the world. It is a
concentrated focus on your body, of maintaining position and
coordination through time and movement. The power bag is one
example and is a useful tool that can be included in your
stretches before and after working out and it can be used
with equipment or be used free standing.

The balance ball is another example. This tool will stretch out
under-used muscles and help to increase movement, which will
limit any muscle adhesion.

While useful, balance training isn't something that you can
just rush into. Many physical trainers will tell you
outright what balance exercises will work for you and which
ones to avoid, as well as which ones can be dangerous based
on your current level of training.

As always, any training should be done in moderation and all
athletes should ease into their training as they go. Always
consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.

The use of balance training combined with other,
muscle-group orientated training will have a
significant impact on your results.