Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why A High Protein Meal Plan?

Weight loss and diet plans have become a full-fledged
industry today. As people become more and more health
conscious, they are looking for better and more effective
ways of losing extra weight and getting into shape.

Another addition to the many available diet plans is the
high protein diet meal plan. This plan requires you to
increase the protein content in your diet. This diet plan is
the latest fad in the health world as it allows you to lose
and control your weight without starving yourself.

Protein diet is not the same as Atkins diet. Atkins diet
allows its followers to eat as many calories as they want to
and that diet often contains large amounts of fat. A protein
diet meal plan involves food items with high protein content
but with limited calories and fats.

The benefits of a high protein diet in weight loss have been
recently discovered. Researchers have found out that a diet
with high proteins and lesser carbohydrates helps our body
to burn calories at a much faster rate. This helps us lose
weight and burn the fat that's accumulated in our body.

Another benefit of following a protein diet is that it helps
us consume fewer calories. Studies have shown that people
who eat a meal with high protein content don't feel the need
to snack in between meals.

Recent studies show that we consume more calories when
presented with a large variety of food items. By avoiding
carbohydrates and preferring only proteins, we also limit
the variety of food items we can consume. Thus, it cuts the
calories we consume and helps us lose weight.

So what exactly is there in a protein diet meal plan? Well,
to cut a long story short, this meal plan excludes all the
starch and flour based food items like bread, sugar,
potatoes, etc. But you are allowed to eat protein food like
meat and poultry. You can eat light carbohydrates like green
vegetables but must avoid all types of complex

This diet plan requires you to eat small portions of protein
rich meals many times a day. You can decide the size of each
portion according to your requirement. But before trying out
this diet, you must remember that this diet is not for

You must consult your doctor or dietitian before trying such
a diet plan, in fact before starting any diet plan. And if your doctor
approves it, you can start your diet plan and start losing those extra pounds.


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