Monday, February 16, 2009

Want A Healthy Body? Eat Whole Wheat

Why is it so important to eat whole grains?

Few people realize how nutritional and beneficial whole
wheat products are. Whole grains are a good source of
vitamins B, E, in addition to magnesium, fiber and iron,
plus important antioxidants that are not found in fruits and

Whole grains help control sugar in your blood, a fact that
diabetic people know very well, and also reduces the risk of
cancer. Whole grain must have all 3 parts: germ, bran and
endosperm. Dietary guidelines established by the US
government recommend 3 servings of whole grains a day for

Historians believe that man has been eating wheat for the
last 12,000 years; it probably started in southwestern Asia
in one of the so-called river civilizations. This incredibly
nutritious plant was revered in parts of China as sacred
food. In the U.S., wheat only started to be grown
extensively in the 19th century after being introduced by
Christopher Columbus in 1492.

Bulgur wheat is a type of cereal made from several wheat
plants that can be found in natural food stores. It is a
common ingredient found in Turkey, the Middle East, and
around the Mediterranean. It is used in bakery, pilaf,
soups, or even in salads. Bulgur has a low glycemic index of
46, which means that people suffering from diabetes can use
it in moderation. The glycemic index or GI is a measure of
the effect of carbohydrates on sugar levels in the blood.
White bread for example has a GI of 100 which would produce
a glucose level of 140, way above the recommended limit

Is it just bread or can you find other whole wheat products?
Luckily there are several products on the shelves made from
whole wheat flour, spaghetti among them. You can also find bagels,
hot dog bread, vermicelli, muffins and, of course, whole grain
flour that you can use to make pancakes and waffles, as
well as cookies and whole wheat Mexican tortillas (although
you can find them ready-made in your local store). As you
can see, there are a lot of choices for everybody and every

As you practice good nutrition, your children will learn
it too. Children will learn healthy habits that they
will carry with them into adulthood, keeping them healthy
and fit.

A diet rich with whole grains will help maintain a healthy
body, so start eating more whole grains today.