Friday, February 13, 2009

How To Reduce Dark Circles Under The Eyes Naturally

One of the dreaded overnight surprises is dark under eye
circles. Looking in the mirror and seeing those when you are
in a hurry in the morning can give you a fright. Learn to
combat this pesky problem naturally and save some money.

Why do we have to put up with under eye circles? Many people
don't know the causes. Not getting enough sleep is the first
potential cause that comes to mind. Stress can bring on
sleeplessness and other conditions that can lead to under
eye circles. Dark circles are one sign that the body isn't
getting the time it needs while you sleep to repair itself.

Don't forget the water that flows so freely from our eyes
through a variety of emotional states. Crying, especially at
night, can cause the tissues to retain the fluid leading to
puffiness as well as dark circles.

Here are a few ways to reduce that look without chemicals.

1. Use cucumbers. You don't have to visit a high class spa
to get the benefits. Cool cucumber slices reduce puffiness
and fluid around the eyes. The juices lighten the skin under
the eyes. Apply thin cucumber slices to closed eyes for 10
minutes. Toss them in a salad when you're done.

2. Potato slices are good for under eye circles as well. Who
ever heard of using potatoes? In old fashioned remedies,
potatoes were used to draw out impurities. Here, use thin
raw potato slices (washed first). Apply them to your eyes
for about 20 minutes. The circles will get lighter.

3. Bananas. They are great to eat and now they can work
wonders for the outside as well as the inside. Create a
puree using bananas. When you are ready for bed, apply some
of the puree under your eyes like you would a cream. The
potassium in the banana helps balance the amount of water in
your skin. You'll see those dark circles disappear or at the
least, they will be lightened significantly.

4. Chamomile tea bags. Use chamomile tea to calm your spirit
and your skin. Cold or warm tea bags will do the trick. Cool
them in the fridge for 20 minutes or so or just let them
warm on a plate. Lay back and hold the tea bags on your eyes
for about 10 minutes.

5. Water. Drinking water will never go out of style. Your
body is 90 percent water. Dark circles can evolve from a
poorly watered body. The usual daily dose is at least eight
glasses. Drinking your water (flavored or plain) can stop
dark circles in their tracks.

6. Change your diet. If you are not eating properly, your
body will show it. Lack of vital nutrients and minerals can
manifest itself with dark patches on your skin including
under your eyes.

7. Dark circles and lack of moisture. Keep skin hydrated
from the outside as well. Using a daily moisturizer with
Vitamin E (avocado and nut ingredients) keeps skin supple.
For a more natural application, use avocado puree or almond

Dark circles are not how we want to put our best face
forward. Get rid of them naturally, without harsh chemicals.