Sunday, February 1, 2009

Heal Yourself With Aromatherapy

Have you ever considered aromatherapy for your health and
well-being? Well before you go into it, lets take a look at
what it is and what it is not.

First off, aromatherapy is considered a science and art of
healing and maintaining the subtle energy balance of the
human body. This art has been in practice for many

They date as far back as the ancient Egyptians to the
classical Greeks. Though technically they are not recognized
by the medical establishment as a hard-core science, their
healing track-records are proven. They range from
alleviating headaches to curing certain diseases.

If course as with all things, not all aromatherapy are
created equal. The effectiveness and efficacy of this
ancient art really depends on the skill of the user and the
quality of the oils used. It must be said that aromatherapy
is not a cure-all. What it does is that the aromatherapy
oils help the body to heal itself.

Huh? I know you might be a little confused here. Let me
explain. Unlike medical science, where administered drugs will
cause certain effects in the body, aromatherapy oils
actually have an indirect effect on the human body.

It stimulates certain natural functions of your body which
knows how to heal and repair itself. The efficiency of the
aromatherapy oils depends a lot on how well the blood-stream
circulates in the body. The faster and smoother it
circulates, the greater the effect it can have.

Certain oils like the lavender can be soothing and helps the
body to unwind while other types can aid in other bodily
problems like indigestion or insomnia. If you wish to fully
benefit from the many wonders of aromatherapy, than you
should seek out a quality store that stocks good essential

Aromatherapy oils are basically taken from the extracts of
trees and plants. Ancient tribes knew the benefits of these
plants as they experimented and cataloged its uses and
properties. These oils were then passed down orally or
written in texts to let the next generation know of it.

Alternatively, you can also visit an aromatherapy therapist.
What the therapist will do is do a basic diagnosis of your
health issues. Than he or she will select certain essential
oils that will have the best effects for your custom needs.

Remember, certain oils may not be suitable for some people,
so take care to only approach qualified aromatherapy
therapists for advice. I hope the above article has given
you a clearer picture of what aromatherapy is and clear up
any common misconceptions of it.

The general rule of thumb is: Look for professionals who
know what they are doing. Stick with this advice and you
will be fine. Now go and bathe yourself in that nice
aromatherapy bath!