Thursday, February 19, 2009

How To Set Up A Home Gym

So you've made the decision to set up a personal gym in your
home. Good for you! There are lots of home gyms out in the
market that also doubles as functional trainers. But what
exactly makes them better than just the average home gym
most people have? Well, let's find out.

Most functional home trainers are much easier to use than
traditional home gyms. It's intuitive designs make them
easier to figure out, as opposed to your regular home gym
machines that take a lot of time to get used to.

Functional trainers significantly lower the learning curve
required to adapt to a regular home gym, and also offers an
assortment of charts showing several easy exercises to start
you off. You can also increase the difficulty in these
exercises as you progress.

Another advantage is that most functional trainers are a lot
more compact than your average home gym. It makes it easier
to store in closets or small spaces, which is ideal if you
don't have a lot of free space, as in a condo.

Functional trainers also offer a lot more diversity compared
to older, more traditional home gyms. It offers a wider
array of exercises, unlike older home gyms that only lets
you do regular exercises like chest presses, leg curls, etc.
A functional trainer, with it's added handle and cable
settings, will allow you to customize your own set and type
of exercises. The different handles also allow you to work
your muscles in a multitude of ways.

And best of all, functional trainers also give you a better
deal for your money, compared to older, more traditional
home gym models. A functional trainer may retail at just
about the same price as a standard home gym, but just the
fact that it is more compact and lets you do more types of
exercises is ideal. You get more for your money for the
same price.

So there it is, why having a more modern functional trainer
is a better investment than traditional home gyms. I hope
these tips will help you make better purchasing decisions
next time you want to buy something at the fitness store.


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