Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fat Burning Foods

Want to lose weight the natural way? Then get to know now
what are the fat burning foods that could help you burn your
excess and stubborn fats naturally.

When you go for fat burning foods, you won't need to take
those fat loss pills and supplements widely promoted
nowadays. But of course, you need to be disciplined and do
some exercises. Some weight loss programs may help you

Right now, here is good list of fat burning foods. These
foods are believed to burn more calories than the calorie
content of the food itself, thus fighting stored fat:

* Foods with chillies or red chillies - these can
greatly help as chillies actually contain capsaicin that is
good for increasing metabolism.

* Vitamin C rich fruits - include oranges, limes,
lemons, tangerines, guava, and grapefruit. These fruits are
known for having fat burning properties that cause dilution
of fat.

* Apples and Berries - have great fat burning
properties. Pectin found in apples help in absorbing water
from food which helps in releasing the fat deposits from
the body as well as restrict the cells to absorb the fat.

* Dairy products - include cheese, milk and yogurt at
most. Calcium in these products was discovered to increase
fat breakdown in fat cells, thus helps in boosting weight

* Vegetables - includes asparagus, cabbage, carrot, beet
root, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. These all have great fat
burning properties.

* Nuts - act like fuel so the body can burn fat. Eating nuts
will make a person full, so lessens the tendency for a person
to overeat.

These foods have the potential to burn fats, but of course success
will still depend on the person. Nonetheless, these foods must be
accompanied by exercise to make the most out of their fat
burning potential.